Nestled within the vibrant city of Chicago lies Pinch, a revolutionary establishment redefining the med spa experience. Pinch brings the self-care sanctuary directly to your doorstep, offering a spectrum of aesthetic services designed to enhance natural beauty with unparalleled convenience and comfort. Their mission is to democratise access to aesthetic procedures, ensuring everyone can embrace self-care without the typical med spa hurdles. Whether seeking individual rejuvenation or shared indulgence with loved ones, Pinch caters to your desires. Choose from a curated selection of services like Tox, Fillers, Chemical Peels, and various party options like “Pinch Party” and “Botox Party,” allowing you to gather and celebrate beauty together.

Safety sits at the heart of Pinch’s philosophy. Their team comprises meticulously vetted Nurse Practitioners, the only med spa to exclusively hold such esteemed professionals. These experts boast years of clinical training and receive specialized instruction from leading local cosmetic trainers. Pinch further prioritizes safety by curating a product and service scope focused on efficacy and overseen by an in-house physician team.


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Pinchmed, , sought to revolutionize the healthcare experience by automating pinch appointments. The project’s core value resided in its bespoke approach, replacing the generic plugin with custom-built solutions tailored for elegance and user-friendliness.




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Pinchmed’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. Ditching the Bookly plugin demanded meticulous custom solutions, while balancing design flair with technical constraints proved a delicate dance. Despite these hurdles, the team emerged victorious, crafting a bespoke healthcare experience that prioritized both elegance and functionality.

Ditching the regular uproach: Transitioning to custom solutions required meticulous planning and execution to maintain seamless functionality.

Seamless customization: Balancing client design preferences with technical feasibility demanded innovative solutions.

Balancing aesthetics and functionality: Striking the perfect harmony between visually stunning design and efficient technical performance was crucial.



The project ushered in a custom booking search, empowering clients to navigate appointments with ease. Dedicated portals, crafted with both clients and providers in mind, offered a central hub for managing bookings and accessing relevant information. The cancellation process, too, was transformed, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


The project shed its dependence on the Bookly plugin, opting instead for custom-built solutions tailored for flexibility and ease of maintenance. Gravity Forms, a robust platform, took the reins, streamlining form management. Seamless integration with Twilio ensured timely and efficient communication, keeping both clients and providers informed about bookings, cancellations, and rescheduling

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This website is developed in wordpress. To achieve client requirements I have used real estate wordpress theme and some other plugins. So now admin can add the properties to the website manually. 

This website also has IDX integration. So all the properties of calgary will be display in website automatically. So that anyone can send quotation and enquiry for particular property And also can do site visit booking.

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